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Visual IRC v2 patchlevel 2 2008-12-17
This is Visual IRC (ViRC), packaged with patchlevel 2 in a full installer. Done with permission of the author. The only changes were to incorporate the patched files that were previously distributed separately, and to replace the message board url with the Google Groups url.
phpns upload patch 2008-08-26
phpns 2.2.3, Silentium Uploader 1.4.0 This is a patch to phpns News System to incorporate upload functionality through the admin panel using a modified script from
IPB 2.3.1 Guest Sorter Utility 2007-08-26
Current version: 1.25 From cnm at SpywareInfo Forums - Utility for mods and admins at Invision forums (you need to be able to view IP addresses). Tabulates and sorts the Guests online, marks any large blocks of multiple sessions.
Plugin: Display RSS 2006-10-11
A plugin for PluggedOut Blog to allow display of RSS feeds in a PluggedOut Blog Template. See example at NoIdea.US and follow directions from README.txt in zipfile. Questions? See this thread at the PluggedOut Blog Support Forum.
Tivo2MPG 2006-09-04
Wrapper for srcfilter (GNU licensed) to convert TIVO encoded files to MPEG. Completely rewritten to use srcfilter 24 Sep 2006
srcfilter, from, is released under the GNU General Public License.
FixRBCalc 2006-05-19
Utility to remove the trojan unwittingly distributed with the RBCalc "rakeback" program from
Save it to your desktop. Double-click on the downloaded file. Click Accept after the copyright notice, then Install (don't change the Destination Folder!)
Click OK twice, then Yes to reboot when prompted and OK again on the finished notice. YOUR COMPUTER WILL REBOOT.
After reboot, you will get a final "Completed script execution", just click OK, then click Exit in the BFU window. You can delete the c:\bfu directory and it's contents.
Policyd Admin 0.1 2006-01-29
Originally from
Geeklog Referral block 2005-11-1
A PHP block for Geeklog 1.3.x so users can invite friends to visit/register your geeklog site.
Based on original "refer" by maximus of and updated by Squatty of
Look2Me Fix for Win9x/ME 2005-08-04
MIRROR: This is Swandog46's fix for the newest Look2Me infection for Windows 9x. Self-extracting executable; extracts to a folder l2m9xfix on the user's desktop.
Nail/Aurora Fix Setup 2005-07-11
PLEASE DO NOT MIRROR WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM RACOOPER. Alternative Setup file for Win2K and WinXP to remove the Nail infection. Instructions can be found HERE. DOES NOT WORK ON WINNT or WIN9X/ME.
Nail/Aurora Spyware Fix 2005-05-15
PLEASE DO NOT MIRROR WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM RACOOPER. Important Note: we have discovered a problem with this download when using the Opera browser. For some unknown reason, Opera strips the last 42 bytes from the file, rendering it corrupted. Please use a different browser when downloading until I can work out with Opera Software another solution.
Updated 16-Jun-2005 to add ksgvet.exe to the delete list. Batch file for Win2K and WinXP to remove the Nail infection. Instructions can be found HERE. DOES NOT WORK ON WINNT or WIN9X/ME.
pam_mysql 0.4.7 src RPM 2005-04-27
first RPM built for FC1 from MDK package.
pam_mysql src RPM 2005-04-27
modified for 0.5 from MDK src package.
pam_mysql RPM for FC1 2005-04-27
Custom built, based on MDK spec but with 0.5 instead of 0.4.
Kerio Personal Firewall v2.1.5 2005-03-25
The older free version of Kerio Firewall. Better version, in my opinion...lighter but just as effective. Does NOT integrate with WinXP SP2, so you need to turn off the SP2 firewall monitoring (as well as the SP2 firewall, but that should be understood....)
Nokia Monitor Test v1.0 2005-03-23
Nokia's Monitor Test utility. Useful for checking color purity (and seeing dead pixels). Will run from a floppy or other removable media.
PowerArchiver v6.11 2005-03-23
The final free version of the PowerArchiver utility. PowerArchiver is like WinZip, but truly free to use, provided you stick with this version or older.
HijackThis v1.99.1 2005-03-23
Current version of HJT. Executable format for direct use without having to unzip it.
RootKit Detector 2005-02-28
Useful for helping to remove Hacker Defender infections.
Active Ports monitor 2005-02-28
Useful for helping detect Hacker Defender infections.
TiVo2MPG v0.7 2005-02-28
Official distribution for TiVo2MPG. Wrapper for the tivo_demux application from vivamus and mplex from the mjpeg project.
MyTop 2005-02-28
Darren Schroeder's MyTop utility
Handy utility, especially with Windows 95/98 (and possibly ME) which do not have a task manager. MyTop lists all currently running processes on your computer and gives you the ability to kill them, without having to give a CTRL-ALT-DEL.