Yahoo Protocol changes – business, bluster or bull?

Gaim chat client, so AOL, ICQ and Yahoo are in one easy-to-use, and free, program). Yahoo pulled a nice stunt on Thursday, changing the chat protocol so that “that spammers will be blocked from abusing our system to spam our
users”. Unfortunately, they failed to take into account that spammers will always find a way. They’re kinda like roaches. Click to read my letter to, and the response I received….

Here’s what I sent to the email address I could find. For some reason, “messenger-security” seems like an appropriate recipient, as they’re claiming that the blocking is a “security measure”…. To: messenger-security[at] Subject: Blocking third-party clients — bogus “security” argument is shameful The latest argument being used by Yahoo to block third-party clients from their IM service is one of the biggest crocks of bullhockey that I’ve heard. Security? Anti-spim? That’s already taken care of by the client, when the user chooses to accept messages only from his buddies. This sounds like another case of greed getting the better of the users’ (and thus the CUSTOMERS’) experience.

I have had a Yahoo! account for years (at least four, possibly closer to seven). I didn’t start using Yahoo’s Messenger services until I discovered a client I liked (Gaim, in this case) that allowed me to open ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo! together. If the client hadn’t been able to talk to Yahoo messaging protocol, I would still not be using Yahoo for messaging because having to download and install yet another chat client simply wasn’t worth my time.

If you want to increase the value of your instant messaging system, add features (such as AmiKai’s AmiChat: instead of acting like the three-year-old who takes his ball and goes home when the game doesn’t go his way. The way to survive is to adapt and be open to changes that benefit you AND your customers.

Robert Cooper

quoted from: “This time, however, Yahoo said it will continue changing its protocols to prevent clients such as Trillian from finding new ways to incorporate Yahoo. Again, the measure was cited by Yahoo as a way to prevent IM spam.

“By making frequent protocol changes, it is our expectation that spammers will be blocked from abusing our system to spam our users,” [Yahoo spokeswoman Mary] Osako said.”

-=-=-=-=- And the response I received…. -=-=-=-=-

Followup to my email to Yahoo. Here is their reply….


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo! does not support third-party applications. Please contact the manufacturer directly in regard to this issue.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.



Yahoo! Customer Care


Sounds like issue avoidance to me. I thought my message was pretty clear.

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