Belated updates….

First, we moved out of our apartment of three years into a house. A week and a half later, I had sinus surgery to remove a polyp that was blocking my left maxillary sinus and almost completely restricting airflow.

Saturday morning, was was awakened by a phone call from Terri…she was involved in a one-car auto accident on I-10 on her way to work. She’s not seriously injured, thank God, but she’s got some bumps and bruises and a stiff shoulder that she’ll be feeling for a while. (If you want to email her, you can use the site Contact form here….)
Saturday afternoon we went to the beautiful wedding for a friend of ours, which was the high point of the day. Unfortunately, at the end of the ceremony Terri got a phone call from her mom with the (expected, but saddening) news that her grandmother passed away.

So, all in all, we’ve had an exciting month. I’m really hoping that the Thanksgiving holiday and the upcoming Christmas season are much less hectic!

Speaking of Christmas season….[rant mode on] At what point did Christmas preparations and decorations and commercializing start BEFORE THANKSGIVING???? I have been sorely tempted to tell a few particular stores (Wal-mart and HEB, are you listening? yea, right) that if they don’t get over their collective cases of cranial rectumitis and at least PRETEND to respect what the Christmas season truly represents, that I’m going to start a boycott. I am truly offended by these displays showing up before HALLOWEEN, much less before Thanksgiving. I guess I find it strange that Christian people are willing to boycott stores that provide support to Planned (un)Parenthood, but don’t take any actions to combat the crass commercialism of this holy season. The Church (that is, the Roman Catholic Church) doesn’t make any overt gestures toward the Christmas season until Advent starts, four Sundays before the 25th of December. According to Macy’s (at least in the “old days”), Christmas season didn’t start until Santa came riding in at the end of the Thanskgiving Day Parade in New York City. So why is it that I could buy a Christmas tree in the October this year? It really, really bothers me…..
[rant mode off]






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