Sam Malone on KTRH radio this morning. He was talking about this new study that decaf coffee isn’t caffine free (gee,really?) and was polling his callers about their addictions — not alcohol or drugs, but anything else. One caller talked about his wife – she’s addicted to Star Trek, and watches it from DVD for 4 hours every night — to the extent that if power fails, she reverts to a portable DVD player with a backup generator! Personally, I’m not quite that bad. My wife thinks I’m addicted to the computer and Anime, but I really only have one overriding obsession: Dr. Pepper, and when I can get it, particularly Dublin Dr. Pepper, bottled in Dublin, Texas, southeast of Fort Worth. Dublin DP is made using the original formula, with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar instead of corn syrup. The real sugar makes a sweet drink, but not syrupy sweet, and I prefer to think of this drink as my personal Nectar of the gods. So you’ve now read about my addiction…what’s yours?






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