Linux Server management tools

I have started exploring options to manage 15-20 linux servers running CentOS 6.  This is the list of what I’ve found.  I’d love to get some opinions, pros vs cons, evaluation procedure recommendations, etc.

Environment: 15-20 CentOS 6 (well, two 5.8 that will be going away soon) and one Oracle Linux servers. most are VMWare VMs but a couple are on Hyper-V and one is a physical box.  These run a variety of applications on Apache, some on Tomcat, a few MySQL servers, and and Oracle server.

I don’t deploy new machines very often, and given my current setup they are manually installed and configured via an internal checklist.  I’d like to find a better way to manage patching, users, and configurations that can do group dependent deployment (like production vs test, web vs mysql, etc) instead of ClusterSSH which is my current “bulk management” tool.

(Not really a deployment/management tool, more a local repo management tool.)

Any relevant comments would be appreciated.

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