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Blog Migration

I’m moving this blog to WordPress to try and combat the ongoing spam comments.  No, they never get seen because I vet all of them manually, but it’s getting annoying.

Unfortunately, doing the migration means losing all previous comments, but since there wasn’t really that much here, I don’t see it as a big problem…

Abandoned? No, just ignored….

blown caps issue). I was unable to keep much of the filtering running because of the RAM requirements, and thus was making do with only Postfix’s RBL checks and Policyd greylisting service. Now it’s all running, and I’m much happier with the systems…. Final note, I’m now also an admin/developer for PluggedOut Blog, the blog script that runs this site. If you’re looking for an easily customizable, flexible, feature-rich blog script in PHP, check it out!

lessons in system configuration

I started setting up the box last week with custom-compiled versions of Postfix, Dovecot IMAP server and several other packages. Now I’m starting to configure things to closely match the existing mail server, including Samba. This makes some administrative tasks a bit easier, like updating some web pages (this basically only hosts SquirrelMail and PostfixAdmin). There’s not much web service to do, but Samba makes it easier to move logfiles to the Windows box and copy new files over without having to run FTP or wget all the time. The problems started after I copied the smb.conf file (Samba config) from the existing server to the new box. I tweaked it, fixed some server-specific settings, and set it off. First, it wouldn’t even see itself as an SMB server. found and fixed that. Then, it appeared to be fighting with my WINS server (another Linux box) to be the master browser. Fixed that setting too. Finally was able to resolve itself by name and local IP. Now to get it to see the rest of the network (and the rest of the network to see it, as well). OK…started through the diagnostics document from Samba. Step 1…good. Step 2…good. Step 3…er…step 3….errors. Troubleshooting was going nowhere. 45 minutes later, had a thought…firewall? Iptables was running, since this box faces both the internet and my local lan on different NICs. turned off iptables and gee…it works! Start tweaking around with firewall rules. Seems the syntax has changed slightly between the Fedora Core 1 and Fedora Core 4 versions, so the rules from the old box don’t quite work on the new one. Found the system-config-firewall-tui utility, and set up custom rules for the right ports, and restarted both iptables then samba. Gee wiz, it works now! I can see it from the other computers, and it finds the rest of the network too! Well, that was a good waste of several hours that I’ll never get back. I guess the next step is to set up Postfix, policyd, amavisd and the new MailZu web interface for amavis. Oh, and pray that Dovecot 1.0 final will make it out in the next two weeks before I’m ready to bring the new monster live….

New site layout complete!

the SpywareInfo Forums or any of the sites listed at the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals site. For help with Tivo2Mpg, see this thread at the DealDatabase Forums. Other than that, I’ve added NoIdea.US to FeedBurner. the syndication link can be found in the footer of this page, or by clicking on the “feedburner” icon in the right column. Welcome back, and thanks for reading!

Almost finished….

This has become my TODO list for updates….
fix image pointers and links in imported stories
apache rewrite rules for staticpages, articles.php, links.php from old layout
copy links from old site to new links database
update links script to log clickthroughs

shrink the outer columns a bit for more space in the middle.
RSS parser for layout side box (US-CERT or such)
Update the “about” box.
Finally, reconfigure apache from the test domain to ‘new’ site!

Site Going Live


Back from the Storm

For those interested in the details, it’s a Biostar IDEQ 210V, an AMD Sempron 2400+ with 512MB of PC3200 DDR RAM. I recycled the CD and FD and second NIC from the old system, and using the same hard drive recovery took only minutes with the kudzu utility working quite well to reconfigure the hardware. The biggest problem was getting the net cables plugged into the right NICs (I had them backwards at first).

The old system was a Shuttle SV25, with an FV25 motherboard (the one with the bad caps). This is a known and notorious problem…as a friend of mine once said, he hopes that someone has paid dearly for the capacitor problems in the last few years…..]]>

Almost back up….


More downtime

I have re-uploaded the and nailfix.exe files from my original sources in the event that the downloads were compromised, and have temporarily disabled the rest of the downloads on this site until I can replace them with known good copies. *grrr* why can’t people find better, more constructive things to do with their time instead of attacking people? (or their servers?)]]>

Service Down – finally back up